Provenance Studies

Analyse de données de composition et identification des altérations géochimiques des matériaux céramiques

[In French] This study proposes a first comparison between ceramic materials and unfired potsherds found in the same archaeological context from the late Iron Age. Our results highlight the importance of proper analysis of compositional data and the relevance of the methodological advances following J. Aitchison's (1986) work.

Les amphores de Loron : apport de l'archéométrie à l'étude d’un site de production

Towards high resolution ceramic series for production site studies: the case of Loron amphorae (Croatia, 1st-3rd c. A.D.)

From the 1st to the 3rd centuries A.D., the territory of Istria (present-day Croatia) was a prominent area of olive oil production. Archaeologists have identified the so-called Dressel 6B amphora as the main container used in the transport and trade …