Particle-size distribution of Iberian unfired potsherds from the Late Iron Age


The PSDs were measured using a LA-950V2 (HORIBA) laser granulometer.

All the samples were pre-treated with hydrogen peroxide to remove organic matter. The samples were then dispersed in water using sodium hexametaphosphate and ultrasonication.

The PSDs were calculated using the Mie solution to Maxwell’s equation, with 1.33 as the water refractive index and 1.55-0.1i as the sediment refractive index.

Data description

  • sample: sample reference;
  • date: date of the analysis;
  • laboratory: analysis laboratory;
  • H2O2: has the sample been pre-treated with hydrogen peroxide?
  • HCl: has the sample been pre-treated with chloridic acid?
  • HMP: has the sample been dispersed with sodium hexametaphosphate?
  • ultrasonication: duration of ultrasonic dispersion (seconds);
  • 0.011 to 3000.000: relative amount (percent) for the given grain size (micrometers).
Nicolas Frerebeau
Nicolas Frerebeau

Technological choices in ancient societies.