Nicolas Frerebeau

Nicolas Frerebeau



I am an archaeologist at the Research Center for Applied Physics in Archaeology. My main research interests combines applied statistics, quantitative methods and the analysis of archaeological materials to study ancient techniques and their diffusion in time and space. As a member of the Chauvet Cave scientific team I also have interests in community interactions models and bayesian chronological modelling.

I received my PhD in archaeology from Bordeaux Montaigne University where I worked on technological choices and ceramic technology in the Iberian peninsula during the Late Iron Age.


  • Archaeology
  • Technological choices in ancient societies
  • Ceramic artefact technology
  • Ancient materials science
  • Computational archaeology


  • PhD in Archaeological Science, 2015

    Bordeaux Montaigne University

  • MA in Archaeometry, 2011

    Bordeaux Montaigne University

  • BA in History of Art and Archaeology, 2009

    Paris Sorbonne University